What I Offer:

Six Week Program

Erase Your
Money Blocks

What you believe about money is directly showing up in your bank account! If you believe that money is hard to come by, it will be. If you believe that you need to work hard for money, then that will be your reality. By changing your “Money Story” to a more positive one, you will make more money with ease!

When we are children we learn how the world works, including how money works. Maybe you learned from your parents that you need to work hard for money, or that “money doesn’t grow on trees”.

I will teach you how to change your old programming regarding money for greater wealth. By finding your hidden money blocks and erasing them, you can start attracting more abundance and increase the flow of money into your life. 

60 Minute Coaching & Energy Clearing Session

Personalized Transformational Session

Do you feel stuck and need clarity and direction in your life? Do you feel like fear and maybe self-doubt is holding you back? Are you ready to do something about it? 

You can never be, do or have anything more than your set of beliefs allows you to. Change starts from within, and once you have begun changing your thoughts and beliefs about a situation, real transformation can happen. By removing emotional and energetic blocks you can start experiencing more joy, ease and abundance in your life! 

The tools I use to rapidly erase limiting beliefs, fears and energy blocks are enhanced versions of Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Energy Clearing. 

A 6 Month Transformational Mentorship Program

Abundance Attractor!

Imagine how it would feel like to live an abundant life. To leave scarcity and struggle behind and become an abundance attractor!

I’m here to help you live a life of ease, joy and purpose – an abundant life where good things just flow naturally to you.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level and transform every area of your life? 

Let me teach you the secrets to creating your dream life and how to become an abundance attractor!


Distance Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing & Clearing

  • Creates deep relaxation (some clients fall asleep instantly!) and helps the body release tension.
  • Reduces stress hormones, which improves the immune system and the body’s self-healing properties.
  • Promotes harmony and balance of the body and mind.
  • Dissolves energy blocks so that you can live with more ease and flow.
  • Clears the mind and makes it easier to focus and feel centered.

Distance Healing does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.

What My Clients Say

”Elizabeth Lily gave me so many tools and methods to cope with what I'm struggling with at the moment and she's just an incredible soul. I feel so inspired... I've already noticed a big big difference. I would highly recommend her for a coaching session."
Ella Ringrose
”After only one coaching session with Elizabeth Lily I gained so much clarity and it felt like she somehow connected me to the resources I have within. I have gone from feeling overwhelmed and confused to now knowing exactly what my next steps will be.”
Joyce N
”I had a healing session with Elizabeth Lily and I felt as if I was inside a tornado of light. My body started vibrating and strong pulses of energy went through my body. Afterwards I felt so much calmer and rested - as if I, in just 30 minutes, had had a full night's sleep.”
John T
”Amazing, intuitive and clairvoyant Life Coach Elizabeth Lily’s high vibe energies are so enjoyable to be in. I warmly recommend her. She has honestly changed my life to something so much better! Thank you for sharing EFT-tapping and the understanding of the Law of Attraction and the power of thought. I understand everything on a much deeper level than before. I use these methods now to create everything I want in life!”
Helena N
”During my healing session I felt a very strong sensation of heat in my chest. It felt like a warm beam of light. After my session, I found out that just in that moment, Elizabeth had put a loaded ball of energy inside my chest! I'm going through a difficult period in my life and was feeling anxious and overwhelmed before our session. Afterwards I was completely calm - it felt almost as if I I had taken an anti-anxiety medication.”
Linda W
”My life has changed more in seven coaching sessions with Elizabeth Lily, than it has in the previous seven years of going to therapy!”
Anna L
”I feel so much calmer after my coaching session with Elizabeth Lily, and I no longer wake up worried during the night.”
Jennie A
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