Distance Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing & Clearing

  • Creates deep relaxation (some clients fall asleep instantly!) and helps the body release tension.
  • Reduces stress hormones, which improves the immune system and the body’s self-healing properties.
  • Promotes harmony and balance of the body and mind.
  • Dissolves energy blocks and improves the flow of life force (“Chi”), which promotes overall vitality and energy.
  • Clears the mind and makes it easier to focus and feel centered.

Distance Healing does not require you to be physically present with the practitioner.

How Energy Healing Can Help You

During a healing session, I remove mental, emotional and energetical energy blocks that are stopping energy flow in your life.

When your energy is blocked things don’t come to you easily and life can become a struggle.

Once the blocks are removed you will feel lighter and things just start falling into place in your life in a way that feels natural and easy. 

Sometimes a few healing sessions are required

Reiki is perhaps the best-known energy healing method in the world and it is offered as a relaxing alternative treatment in hospitals throughout the world.

Because of it’s relaxing effect on the body, it lowers stress hormones, promotes the body’s self-healing property and improves the immune system.

If you lead a busy life, feel stressed out and have a hard time relaxing, having Reiki treatments regularly is a wonderful tool to help you relax and manage stress.


”During my healing session I felt a very strong sensation of heat in my chest. It felt like a warm beam of light. After my session, I found out that just in that moment, Elizabeth had put a loaded ball of energy inside my chest!”
Linda W
” I'm going through a difficult period in my life and was feeling anxious and overwhelmed before our healing session. Afterwards I was completely calm - it felt almost as if I I had taken an anti-anxiety medication.”
Karen A

How I Got “Activated ” By Spirit

Transformational Coach Elizabeth Lily

I have been a healer for ten years, since my first initiation into level 1 Reiki. Since then I’ve studied many different healing modalities, like Quantum-Touch, The Silver Violet Flame and Two pointing. I have also completed my Reiki training to a Master and Teacher level. My energy has always felt very warm by my clients, but a few months ago I had a supernatural experience that completely transformed my healing energy to the next level!

One night I woke up and saw three very weird looking spirits standing next to my bed. They wore dark cloaks with large hoods and the weird thing was that they had no faces! Underneath the hood were only shadow!

”Oh, God, am I dying now?” I thought to myself!

Despite their somewhat scary appearance, I soon discovered that they had not arrived to harm me in any way. Instead they were here to help raise my vibration and increase my healing abilities! 

The first time they worked with me the energy was very physically intense with a strong tickling and stinging sensation on my skin. My body constricted and twitched. During that session they ”activated” a dormant energy in my body. I could see little symbols light up in my bones.

Since the ”activation” the same symbols have started flowing from my hands when I give healing. It was as if they’d flipped a switch and my healing energy has now increased exponentially! They have since continued to visit me on a regular basis to raise my vibration even further.

People report feeling a strong sensation of heat and a tingling and vibrating sensation in their bodies. Others fall asleep instantly because of the sedative effects of the new, activated energy.

Book a Session

I will call you up at the beginning of the session. You’ll receive the healing within the comfort of your own home.

Energy Healing

One 30 min session

3-Pack Energy Healing

3 x 30 min sessions
225 save €45!

5-Pack Energy Healing

5 x 30 min sessions
360 save €90!
Best Value!

Disclaimer: Reiki and energy healing are not medical treatments and as a Reiki practitioner and healer, I do not diagnose or treat physical or mental illnesses. If you have a physical or mental ailment, you should always consult your Medical Doctor.

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