Abundance Attractor

If you could live your life by design – what would your life look like? 

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Is This You?

  • You are not happy, despite being really successful in some areas of your life.
  • Maybe you have a nagging feeling that you were meant for something more than this, but you have no idea what it is or how to get there.
  • You have settled for a convenient life, but can’t help but wonder what would have happened if you had gone for your dreams.
  • You have a nagging feeling that there could be another way of life.
  • You are just so tired of struggling and want an easier life.
  • You want to live with purpose and passion, but right now that is missing.
  • You feel tired of trying to figure this out on your own and you are devoted to making a change.

Would You Like To Instead...

  • Wake up every morning and feel happy and excited about your day.
  • Live with abundance flowing to you in all areas of your life.
  • Live with ease.
  • Stop feeling stuck and begin to trust that you can choose your life.
  • Know how to create your life with intention.
  • Finally live your dreams, one after the other.
  • Step into your true power and become unstopable.
  • Never settle again for anything but the very best.
  • Have someone by your side to guide you through your transformation and lead the way.

The Secrets To Creating An Abundant Life

What does it mean to live an abundant life? To me it means to have lots of money, loving relationships with friends and family, great experiences that makes your heart sing with happiness and a wonderful love life. Abundance in all areas of life!

There are three important aspects you need to master in order to create the life you want:

Learn to control your limitless, subconscious mind. About 95% of your mind is subconscious. And here’s the scary part – the subconscious mind is the BOSS of your life without you even noticing it! To remedy this, you need to learn how to recognize unconscious limiting programs. You also need to know how to rewrite them or erase them. I’ll teach you all the tools you need for this. 

Use practical, actionable tools. We live in an action-based universe, and the key to success is to take the right action at the right time. To master this, you need to learn the most effective ways to use strategy, goal setting, planning and visualization. This will make change happen fast. 

Learn how to master the metaphysical. Everything is energy and once you know the universal laws of attraction and vibration and how to use them with your intention, you can start bending reality and become truly limitless! Another aspect of this is to learn how to use your spiritual gifts. We were all born with intuition, and once we learn how to use it, it becomes a compass in our lives, leading us right.

This program is unique because it combines practical coaching tools with spiritual principles and practices.

”Amazing, intuitive and clairvoyant Life Coach Elizabeth Lily’s high vibe energies are so enjoyable to be in. I warmly recommend her. She has honestly changed my life to something so much better! Thank you for sharing EFT-tapping and the understanding of the Law of Attraction and the power of thought. I understand everything on a much deeper level than before. I use these methods now to create everything I want in life!”
Helena N

My Background

I’ve been on an intense, 20 year-long personal development journey. Twenty years ago, within a few years, I lost almost everything humanly possible to lose. 

I lost all my earthly possessions – twice. I lost family members and friends to cancer and suicide, I lost my marriage and everyone I knew when I left a religious organization. I was completely broke, and alone. I was depressed, suffered from anxiety and panic attacks,.

Now, twenty years later, I am happier than I ever thought was possible, and I make all my dreams come true.

Last year I learned a new language, moved across a continent and made my biggest dream a reality: to live by the sea in the south of Spain together with the love of my life. I am fulfilled, I live my passion, and every morning the Mediterranean sea greets me with its turquoise moodiness, and the scent of the blooming orange trees on my street fills me with glittering happiness.

You can make your dreams into reality too!

Where Will You Be In A Year?

Next time this year you too could be living by the Mediterranean sea. You could have published that book you always wanted to write, changed your career, started a successful business, learned a new language. Whatever your dream is, you can make it happen!

When you join this program, within six months…

  • You will have all the tools you need to create a magical life for yourself, and you will be well on your way towards your dream!
  • Fear, self-doubt or lacking self-confidence will not need to hold you back any more, because you will have the tools to reprogram your emotions and mind.
  • You will not need to feel confused about your next step any more, because you will have a working formula for creating change in your life.
  • You will have a deep understanding about how to use the Law of Attraction to create quick shifts.
  • You will be reconnected with your own spiritual gift of intuition.

This is a six month long intensive program, built on personalized, one-on-one 60 min by-weekly coaching sessions with me that will transform your life. 

Where will you be in a year, if you start today?

I only work with five people every six months. Do you want to be one of them?

Apply to the program below!

”After only one coaching session with Elizabeth Lily I gained so much clarity and it felt like she somehow connected me to the resources I have within. I have gone from feeling overwhelmed and confused to now knowing exactly what my next steps will be.”
Joyce N
”My life has changed more in seven coaching sessions with Elizabeth Lily, than it has in the previous seven years of going to therapy!”
Anna L
”I feel so much calmer after my coaching session with Elizabeth Lily, and I no longer wake up worried during the night.”
Jennie A

This Is What You Get:

  • Personal, 90 minute by-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with me for 6 months.
  • Practical tools and exercises to reprogram your subconscious mind and install powerful new beliefs regarding wealth, love and happiness.
  • Powerful techniques to permanently erase negative emotions.
  • An action plan with weekly action steps towards your goal.
  • Learn how to activate the Law of Attraction quickly with my unique Law of Attraction “Hacks” to really attract abundance easily.
  • Learn how to use your intuition to guide you to your fulfilling your dreams.

Module 1

Know Where You Are

You get to:

  • Evaluate your life and understand what needs to change.
  • Get total clarity about exactly what you should focus on next.
  • Take a first shot at defining your dream life and build the foundation for your vision and goals.

Everything starts with awareness! To create change in your life you must first be aware of what needs to change. Through different coaching tools we evaluate your “now” and analyze your situation to be able to start creating your strategy “road map” to get to where you want to go.

Module 2

Know Where You Are Going

If you are not absolutely crystal clear about what you really want, you’ll never accomplish your dreams.

  • Together we explore your desires and dreams to get clarity.
  • We also explore your values, because having a goal supported by your values is key to having motivation.
  • We create a detailed vision for you and supercharge it with all the components needed to make the vision really powerful.
  • We create a goal out of your dreams.
  • You no longer have to feel lost, stuck and confused about your next step!

Bonus: You’ll also get a guided “Quantum Leap” meditation that will help speed up your transformation!

Module 3

Know How To Get There

This is where we set up your strategy and start taking action! Taking action is not only required for you to achieve your goal, but will also provide more clarity.

  • We figure out your action steps and create an action plan.
  • Every week during the rest of the program, you will take weekly action steps towards your goal.
  • I will be your accountability partner to help ensure that you stay on the path to success.

This is when things will really start happening for you!

Module 4

Overcome Obstacles

95% of your mind is subconscious. You are not aware of it, still it’s the boss of your entire life. It is like having a radio on in the background, that you don’t hear, but you do what it tells you to every time! That is the power of the subconscious mind but once you learn to control it it will be working for you!

In this module you will:

  • Learn how to recognize hidden limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving what you really want, including fears, self-doubt or lacking self-esteem.
  •  You get an NLP-exercise to do every day to reprogram old events and install powerful new beliefs.
  • You’ll learn how to use Emotional Freedom Technique, one of the world’s most powerful techniques to permanently erase limiting beliefs and fears.

This module will teach you one of the biggest keys to be able to live a limitless life!

Module 5

Add Some Magic!

There are two parts to this module:


I’ve created nothing short of miracles with the help of the Law of Attraction. In this module you’ll get to try my Law of Attraction “Hacks”!

We’ll talk about:

  • The nature of reality. Is reality as “real” as we think?
  • How to make the Law of Attraction work, so that you can start manifesting every day.
  • How to visualize to activate the Law of Attraction.


The most successful people on the planet are known for always trusting that their “gut feeling” will lead them right.

  • You’ll understand what intuition is and what it is not.
  • You’ll get intuition exercises so that you can start to recognize and use your intuition.

When you are connected with your intuition and have learned how to use it, it will be like having a compass leading you right in life.

Bonus: You’ll get an energy clearing session!

Module 6

Address Your Specific Needs

This is a module where we put attention on your specific needs and adapt the tools specifically to what is most important for you, so that you can walk away from this program empowered and with tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

  • If you have additional limiting beliefs we address them in this module.
  • If you need guidance in some area we deal with that through coaching.
  • If you have further questions we will address them in this module.

Bonus: You’ll get an NLP exercise that you can use every day to more quickly and easily get to your goal.

”Elizabeth Lily gave me so many tools and methods to cope with what I'm struggling with at the moment and she's just an incredible soul. I feel so inspired... I've already noticed a big big difference. I would highly recommend her for a coaching session."
Ella Ringrose

This Program Is Not For You If:

  • You want a quick fix.
  • You want someone to do the work for you.
  • You are not willing to invest financially in your personal development, but only want freebies. 
  • You are not open to spiritual matters.
  • You blame others when things go wrong and will not accept that you have the ultimate responsibility for your life.

This Program Is For You If:

  • You are ready to FINALLY step into your highest potential.
  • You are committed to doing a deep, transformational journey.
  • You are open-minded and love to learn new things.
  • You are  ready to invest money, time and effort to create your dream life,
  • You are ready to do the work involved.
  • You want a proven step-by-step system to change your life.
  • You want an experienced Life Coach to personally guide you through your transformation.

Yes, I'm Ready To...

Love My Life Every Day!

When you learn how to combine practical and spiritual tools for success you'll be able to live a life by design.

Manifest My Perfect Reality

When you understand reality and how to use the Law of Attraction, you can start bending reality with your intention.

Live a Guided Life

Imagine having a compass to guide you right in life. When you learn how to recognize and use your intuition, you can!

Fear Less and Trust More

When you have tools to erase fears and create self-confidence, you have the power to remove anything that stands in the way of your success.

Book a call below to apply to the program. By booking a call you do not commit to anything, except showing up for your call!

Book A Free Call!

If you are committed to change your life and you felt a “Yes” in your heart when you learned about the Abundance Attractor Program, please book your free 30-minute call below. 

  • I only work with ten people every year. During the call, we will find out if we are compatible to work together.
  • You'll get to sample some of the powerful tools that are used to transform your life during the program.
  • I do not work everyone. If you are right for the program and I am the right Life Coach for you, I'll let you know how to enroll.
  • The 6-month 1:1 Abundance Attractor Mentorship Program is a premium investment in yourself that will transform your life! Only book a call if you're ready to invest in yourself.
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